Welcome to my natural therapist website.

I am a huge advocate of natural medicine and believe that in the world we live in today we face many more challenges than those of our forefathers. Most of us are surrounded by electromagnetic pollution, chemical pollutants, and various kinds of toxins and poisons that were unheard of even 40 years ago. Alongside this we are inundated with "denatured" food - the fast food industry churning out processed food full of additives and unnatural ingredients, plus we live in a much more stressful society.

All these factors contribute to many of the health problems we suffer and I truly believe that by going back to natural cures, changing diet and lifestyle, and restoring balance and vitality to the body then we can heal ourselves and learn to prevent illnesses in the future. As everyone knows, 'prevention is better than cure'.

I use Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine and Iridology in my practice, and below are some conditions that these therapies may help. In case you are unsure how my natural therapies may help you, please contact me for further information.

  Anxiety and Stress

  Digestive problems

  Sleeping problems

  Hormonal imbalances

  Urinary problems

  Respiratory problems

  Women's Health Issues

  Men's Health Issues