In your first consultation I'll take a detailed case history including questions about your current health status, your medical history, diet and lifestyle. Diagnostic procedures including a blood pressure check, nail examination, tongue and pulse will also be carried out. Please bring any medications that you are on with you to the consultation.

I may prescribe a herbal remedy, which is specifically made for you and/or recommend nutritional supplements, dietary changes, and lifestyle modifications. Herbal medicines are slower acting than pharmaceuticals and I'll ask you to return for a follow-up consultation in two to four weeks. Follow-up consultations last no more than 45 minutes. Further appointments may be necessary to assess whether your prescription requires adjusting as your health improves.

The herbal remedies can be in the form of tincture (plant constituents extracted in alcohol or glycerol), herbal teas, powders, capsules, creams, oils and ointments.

Naturopathy/Herbal Medicine:
Adult first consultation:Up to 1½ hrs£80
OAP's first consultation:Up to 1½ hrs£70
Children's first consultation:1 hr£60
All consultations:1 hr£90
All follow-up consultations:30 mins£50

The cost of herbal remedies are in addition to the consultation fee; typically I charge £30 for 3 weeks worth of herbal tincture.

Powders/capsules start from £10. Nutritional supplements vary in price.