"I would highly recommend Yvonne for her professionalism and skills as a herbal therapist. I suffer with anxiety disorder for several years now, constant visits to the doctors and prescription drugs given. I was recommended by a friend to see Yvonne, who spent time to discuss and help by listening and understanding my needs. She gave me a herbal medicine which actually works and knowing it contains natural ingredients was great. I am pleased that I actually have something now that calms me down and relaxes me at last. I would highly recommend Yvonne as a Therapist who is honest and reliable, so thank you Yvonne."
S Williams

"Yvonne is an excellent practitioner and very quickly understands what the issues are. I was having a hormonal imbalance problem along with a few other issues and yet an appointment with Yvonne allowed her to prescribe a suitable herbal tincture which sorted my issues out swiftly. Very sympathetic and yet efficient - a rare mixture! Thanks Yvonne."
T Smith

"I've been receiving herbal treatment from Yvonne Davies since December 2011 for severe eczema on my face, hayfever and generally feeling really run down and depressed. Since I started my treatment I've had the best year in a long time, my eczema is now not a problem at all; it's all cleared up and this year I've not been suffering from hayfever. I feel so much more healthy, happy and enthusiastic about my life, I've even had the motivation to lose a bit of weight and exercise."
A Makamian

"Went to see Yvonne Davies for herbal remedy regarding specific symptoms. She was of great help, answered all my questions and had great results!"
E Hallo

"Thanks to a taster session with Yvonne Davies (ND, Dip Herbs, Dip Irid Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Iridology), she gazed into my eyes and in seconds rattled off things about me I thought only I knew. In short, the main thing is my pancreas isn't working properly, which explains a lot of things... This inspired me to look at my diet, fitness and lifestyle."
J Kinsman

"I have always wanted to visit an iridologist as I was extremely intrigued about the art of reading the eye. These skilled practitioners are pretty hard to come by in London/England, but having found Yvonne Davis online and, given her relative proximity to where I live, I just knew she was the one to help me.

Our consultation was comfortable, inspiring and informative. Yvonne is a genial and diligent naturopathic doctor, and once the initial reading was over, I received a full and comprehensive report on what she discovered in my irises emailed to me. I was amazed: every single item highlighted was written with pinpoint accuracy and I could relate to everything, both health, physically and emotionally-wise. Any query or question has since been met with a methodical and considered response which has helped steer me further in my journey to health and happiness. Yvonne is worth her weight in gold and I cannot recommend her enough."
V Cust

"Yvonne you are a miracle worker! No hayfever symptoms at all after taking your herbal tincture; first time in years. Thank you so much."
R Brown